About the Fantasy Hive

Absolutely not, and this is not a practice we agree with.

The Fantasy Hive is entirely volunteer run – the team contribute reviews and content as a hobby.

As of June 2023 we are affiliated with Bookshop.org and include affiliate links in a lot of our content, and we are exploring Google adsense, both as a means to support the cost of hosting the site.

We know it’s in the name, but we are by no means limited to fantasy. Our contributors read quite widely under the Science Fiction and Fantasy umbrella, and a fair ways into the adjacent speculative fields, most notably Horror, but also thrillers, historical fictions, and more literary speculative fiction.


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No we do not.

Category: Contact

Although we’re currently closed to review requests, there are other ways we can feature you and your book on The Fantasy Hive.

Please drop us an email at thefanasyhive@gmail.com with information about the book you’d like to feature. We host interviews, cover reveals, and excerpts.

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We are currently closed to review requests

Ordinarily, we’re a pretty diverse team of readers and could find a home for most subgenres under the SFF umbrella, whether you’re trad or self published. However, our contributors are all currently swamped by their TBRs.

We do like to try and support authors in any way we can, so if we can help with an interview, cover reveal, or if you’d like to contribute a guest post, you can discuss options with us by emailing thefantasyhive@gmail.com