***Please note that we are not open for submissions at this time.***

Do you have an idea for a list or article that you think would be right at home here on the Hive? Or perhaps you’ve written a book review you think we’d like to host?

Good news! We occasionally consider submissions of non-fiction lists, articles, interviews and reviews. Please take note of our guidelines before you decide to submit.

Submissions must comply with the following:

  • More than 600 words
  • Must be coherently written. While we don’t expect publication-level writing (and in fact, will be happy to work with you on smoothing rough edges), neither will we accept submissions that require a heavy amount of work.  Our editors are unpaid, and already very, very busy!
  • No trashing of books, authors or publishers
  • While we pride ourselves on the quality and honesty of our reviews, we also focus on celebration rather than criticism. If you’ve written a book review that’s masterfully composed, yet utterly negative, we strongly suggest that you submit it elsewhere.

So, if you have a guest post in mind, and if it meets the above criteria, drop us an email at thefantasyhive@gmail.com. Please be sure to include details on what you’re proposing, as well as a sample of your writing, and a brief bio and author photo if appropriate.

***Please note that we are not open for submissions at this time.***

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